What is Clara-fy?

Clara-fy Eyelash Lash Cleanser Extensions 2

Clara-fy is a non-abrasive and oil-free solution used to gently cleanse residual makeup, dirt and oil from your face and eyelash extensions after washing. Our specialized formula is safe for use on eyelash extensions and highly recommended by top eyelash extension artists. This single solution extends the fresh look of your lash extensions by working to remove contaminants that might affect your beautiful lashes.


How do I use Clara-fy?

Clara-fy Eyelash Lash Cleanser Extensions

Use your favorite gentle makeup remover to wash your face, removing the majority of makeup, dirt, and oil. Then, using the enclosed foam applicator or your exfoliating cotton round, spray two to three pumps of Clara-fy onto the applicator or round. Using gentle strokes, cleanse any residual makeup, dirt, and oil from your face. Working carefully from the base out on any eyelash extensions, cleanse away any stubborn mascara or eye rheum attached to your lash extensions. Clara-fy’s unique formula will remove any flaky skin or contaminants left on your face and lashes safely and without abrasion.


How do I Order Clara-fy?

To place your order or find out more information, email